Battle of Heilsberg, 10 of June 1807

Heilsberg Castle

Battle of Heilsberg or battle of Lidzbark Warminski was the largest Napoleonic battle fought in the field in today’s Poland. Do you know what has happened on 10th of June 1807 close to Heilsberg? I am not sure if you have heard about Battle of Heilsberg. It was one significant moments during War of Fourth […]

Battle of Westerplatte 1939

Battle of Westerplatte

The battle of Westerplatte. Westerplatte is one of the most iconic places related to the history of World War 2 in Poland. This small piece of land is squeezed between Wistula river and Gulf of Gdansk. Between 1926 and 1939 Westerplatte area was Polish enclave and Military Transit Depot manned by a Polish defene unit. […]

Gdansk torus, how to explore Gdansk in one day

Gdansk tours in one day. Is it possibile to explore Gdansk in one day? Definitely not. But I can help you to choose the best itinerary and see the most popular attractions in Gdansk. Our Gdansk tours offer is one of the best possibilities to explore Gdansk with a private guide. All the Gdansk trips […]

The history of Polish Mennonites

Mennonite farmer house

Polish Mennonites came from Netherland and Flandren. They settled down in Żuławy. Zulawy is Poland’s largest area located below the sea level. The depression of lowest parts reaches about 2 meters. Historically the area was an estuary of the longest Polish river – the Vistula which flows into the Baltic Sea. It was in the […]

Siege of Danzig 1807 and it’s consequences.

Siege of Danzig

Did you know that Gdańsk, known as Danzig in German, was a free city not once, but twice! The Siege of Danzig in 1807 has opened the new, French chapter in Gdansks history. The first Napoleonic Free City of Danzig 1807-1813. Gdansk or Danzig was one of the biggests fortress by the Baltic Sea. Siege […]

Malbork Castle. The former capital of the Teutonic Order.

Visit Malbork

Malbork Castle is the largest brick castle and the largest castle in the world measured by land area. Teutonic Order moved the capital from Venice to Malbork (Marienburg) in 1309. Since then Malbork was a central place of Teutonic knights until 1466. The Malbork stronghold was built after conquest of Old Prussia. The stronghold began […]

Stutthof concentration camp

WW2 in Gdansk trip

Stutthof concentration camp Stutthof was the first German concentration camp set up outside German borders in WW2, in operation from 2 September 1939. The previous day hundreds innocent Polish civilians who lived in Free City of Danzig has been arrested by local police and Nazi paramilitary units. The 2nd September 1939 a group of 150 […]

Bismarck Varzin manor house

Varzin Bismarck Manor

Bismarck Varzin manor house still exist! Otto von Bismarck Varzin manor house. The iron chancellor of German Empire used to spend summertime in his residence in Varzin / Warcino in Polish. Bismarck loved country life in Varzin. “Wherever one hears the woodpecker, that’s when I’m at my best,” he once said. Bismarck palace complex is […]

Gdansk Travel Tips – currency, ATMs and tipping in Gdansk

polish zloty

Gdansk travel tips. Discover Gdansk with Gdansk Trips. The currency in Gdansk, just like in the whole of Poland is Polish Zloty . Polish zloty are are available in the following denominations (banknotes): 10/20/50/100/200. Here are some Gdansk travel tips. ATMs (bankomat in Polish) are easily available all over Gdansk and it is advisable to […]