Gdańsk Old Town Private Walking Tour
Gdańsk Old Town Private Walking Tour

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Gdańsk Old Town Private Walking Tour

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Gdańsk Old Town Tour.

Discover fascinating history and cultural heritage of Gdansk. The Main Town and Old Town of Gdansk are on one of Europa’s largest historical centres. For over 400 years ago Gdansk was one of the most important Hanseatic cities. German and Dutch influence is still visible in Old Town.

In the golden age of its prosperity Gdansk was a flourishing centre of international grain and timber trade. Plenty of monuments still prove the city’s wealth, including Gothic churches with St. Mary’s Church, the beautiful houses of the Gdansk elite, the harbor, the crane, the Fountain of Neptune and many others. Between the 1400 and 1600s Gdansk was also Poland’s largest city.

Gdańsk Old Town Tour takes between 2 and 6 hours. We are not going to walk all the time. On the way there will be plenty places to rest. The whole tour distance will not be longer than 3 km. If you choose a short version, we will skip lunch and some part of itinerary. Feel free to choose pickup time most situable for you.


  • A walk around the Old Town
  • Visit in St. Mary church and St John Church
  • Astronimic Clock parade in S. Mary church
  • Medievial fortifications, city gates and bastion fort from 17th century
  • Lunch in local restaurant
  • Dutch, italian and prussian remains in Gdansk
  • Examples of north european Gothic, Renaissance, Mannerism and Baroque styles of architecture


  • Entrance ticket to St Mary Church
  • Local guide
  • Lunch in local restaurant

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