The history of Polish Mennonites

Mennonite farmer house

Polish Mennonites came from Netherland and Flandren. They settled down in Żuławy. Zulawy is Poland’s largest area located below the sea level. The depression of lowest parts reaches about 2 meters. Historically the area was an estuary of the longest Polish river – the Vistula which flows into the Baltic Sea. It was in the […]

COVID-19 Gdansk, Poland. What is the current situation? (update 25.07.2020)

COVID-19 Gdansk. What is current COVID-19 situation in Gdansk, Poland? Gdansk is one of the safest places in Poland to visit. COVID-19 Gdansk update. Number of infected people in Gdansk is very low compared to other Polish cities. Present number of infected people in Pomeranian Voivodeship is 107 people, including 20 persons hospitalized (24.07.2020). There […]

Is Gdansk tap water is safe to drink?

Can I drink tap water in Gdansk, Poland? Of course you can. Gdansk tap water is safe for drinking. The quality is very good, at least the same as botteled water avaliable in groceries. More than 50% of Gdansks inhabitants drinks tap water every day. Since 1992 SAUR Neptun Gdansk, part of French Saur Group […]

St Dominic’s Fair Gdansk 2020

St Dominic’s Fair Gdansk 2020, useful information for visitors It is one of the largest and oldest fairs in Europe with 760 years of history. It lasts for 3 weeks, this year from the 25th of July til 16th August 2020. The St Dominic’s Fair in Gdansk is located in the streets of the old […]

How to get to Sopot from Gdansk? SKM train of course.

How to get to Sopot from Gdansk? Take the SKM train of course. We don’t have an underground in Gdansk but we have SKM commute train. SKM city train is the most efficient transportation between Gdansk, Gdynia, Sopot and neighborhood. 23 minutes by SKM commuter train and only 1 Euro (4,20 polish zloty). Taking a […]

Hanseatic League and the Crane in Gdansk.

The Crane in Gdansk

Hanseatic League and the Crane in Gdansk. The Crane in Gdansk is one of the most famous symbols of Gdańsk and Hanseatic League heritage. Gdansk Old Town is one of the best examples of hanseatic cities. From 1361 or 1363 Gdansk was Hanseatic League member. Hanseatic League became one of the most powerfull players in […]

Beer Tour in Gdansk

Beer tasting in Gdańsk is not only an enjoyable activity but also a fascinating trip into the city’s past. A drop of beer is like a little lump of amber holding inside the history of the place and people. Variety of flavors, brands and pubs can tell you more than history books. It was already […]

Is Gdansk safe for tourists?

You don’t need to be worried about safety in Poland and in Gdansk. It’s comparable to Western European countries in general. Don’t be afraid even if you a female solo traveller or you are planning to experience Gdansk Old Town during the late evening or night. Many guests who are visiting Gdansk are asking me […]

Transportation by bus: airport – Gdansk

Gdansk Airport is located 13 km from Gdansk Old Town. The City of Gdansk offers public transport for visitors. You can choose taxi, train or bus. Bus transport is definitely the cheapest way to get to and from Gdansk airport. Bus 210 stops right next to the Gdansk Airport and it takes around 40 minutes […]

Culture and history trip in Gdansk

Culture and history trip in Gdansk Gdansk is on of the oldest cities of Poland. The first medieval stonghold was founded for more than 1000 years ago. Right from the beginning Gdansk was the most important harbour on the Motlava and Vilstula rivers. Between 1308 and 1457 Gdańsk was also a part of the Teutonic […]